Enabling Enterprises To Unleash
The Incredible Power Of The Cloud

For the last 20+ years, we have swiftly leveraged the incredible potential of the public and private cloud to crunch massive volumes of big data and generate insights, ensuring security as an integral part of design & architecture meeting compliance requirements across all touch-points.


  • Engineering petabyte-scale data warehouses for two decades
  • Certified cloud architects providing strategic advice ensuring continuous innovation
  • Achieve highly scalable solutions with no upfront costs and rapid commercialization

Center of Excellence across AWS, Azure, and GCP

Big Data

  • Derive insights 5x faster using our configurable KPI engine and AI/ML library
  • Expedite development using our reusable frameworks to clean, normalize and transform data
  • Accelerate data integration across diverse data sources to build the data lake

Architected warehouses on Teradata, Hadoop, AWS Redshift, Azure SQL Database, Snowflake

Specialized Analytics Tools

  • Adopt fully auto scalable and pay-as-you-go cloud data warehouse – Snowflake
  • Leverage data virtualization to rapidly integrate data sources saving upfront ETL/ELT spend
  • Rapidly create intuitive BI dashboards using our plug-n-play visualization components

Unleash the power of modern technologies across all layers

Achieve maintainability, predictability, faster release cycles and resiliency with our cloud-based solutions.

We have deep expertise in hybrid as well as specialized public clouds and have successfully managed multiple AWS, Azure, and GCP instances for various customer applications. We help you securely migrate from on-premise to cloud while maintaining compliance requirements across all touch-points. With data virtualization, we make it possible to prevent the upfront costs required for data lake engineering.

Leverage our reusable frameworks to clean, normalize, and transform your data spread across disparate sources to get a cross-functional business view. We offer advanced solutions to integrate tools and frameworks rapidly for developing scalable, extensible, and secure data lakes that are prepped for running analytics.

We have developed libraries and best practices to automate all the grunt work, allowing us to expedite development and reduce operational costs. You can plug in our fully configurable analytics engine and derive KPIs and business insights on the fly. With AI and ML algorithms leveraging MPP, we have achieved insights 5x faster.

Snowflake cloud data warehouse provides infinite scaling, complete data security, pay-as-you-go model and amazing partner connect. We have harnessed the power of this MPP platform to significantly bring down data ingestion or load time from hours to a few minutes.

We leverage all the native features along with best practices and are deeply committed to continuous learning, specialization, collaboration, and innovation.

Saama Analytics AI Lab

Our AI/ML solutions can take a deep dive into your data across multiple silos and sources to identify data patterns that can deliver business insights critical for developing strategy. With the right analysis at your fingertips, you get a competitive edge, increased revenue, and reduction in resource and operational cost.