Know what’s happening in your cloud data warehouse with our Snowflake accelerator – Watch. By providing a unified dashboard to monitor real-time compute & storage trends, query analytics & performance; it allows you to harness the full potential of your Snowflake implementation. Analyze usage trends across the virtual warehouses, proactively budget for monthly expenses, analyze query performance as well as get recommendations on improvements and best practices – all with just a touch of your fingers. Anytime. Anywhere.

Virtual Warehouse Insights

– Analyze usage trends across virtual warehouses
– Understand which jobs are consuming credits
– Proactively budget for credit usage

Analyze Storage Trends

– Analyze the storage trends across databases
– Understand which jobs are ingesting data
– Get insights into storage optimization

Query Analytics

– Monitor variety of queries being performed
– Discover authorization changes smartly
– Get insights into query execution

Query Performance

– Analyze query performance
– Uncover concurrency challenges
– Get recommendations on improvements

Beta Release

Instant setup, rapid onboarding and available across technologies

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