Snowflake Accelerator – Virtual Cubes

Our Snowflake accelerator – Virtual Cubes lets you leverage the power of Snowflake by allowing creating enterprise cubes at a massive scale. Making it obsolete to input or output data, it allows limitless scaling for varying needs of enterprises. By providing API support, it enables Integration with any UI/Visual/Dashboard tool of your choice. Available as Java & Python modules it has inbuilt data pipeline & job scheduling with push notifications, keeping you on top of your business everytime.


Actionable Business Insights

– UI/Visual Dashboard agnostic
– KPI Engine and Business metrics
– BI & Reporting with logics

Automatic Scheduling

– Inbuilt Data Pipeline
– Automate using Job Scheduling
– Customizable push notifications

Zero Data I/O

– Unified platform enabling cubes within Snowflake
– Multidimensional expressions supported
– Multi level & hierarchical functions

Limitless Scaling

– Any size, complexity or dimension
– Power of cubes with scale of Snowflake
– Available as JAVA & Python modules; WEB 2.0 Application

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