Snowflake Accelerator – Sense

Our Snowflake accelerator – Sense brings the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to business users. Its analytics engine lets you see recommendations, predict failures, analyze sentiments, forecast sales & demand, and detect anomalies without the need to write a single line of code. This AI/ML enabled studio ingests any type of data from multiple sources, does the harmonization and wrangling, and gives actionable insights which provides a higher ROI.


AI/ML enabled

– Supports regression, clustering, classification & time series
– Continuously learns through usage
– Predictive analytics, risk analysis & optimization

Analytics engine

– On the fly business insights
– BI , Reporting and KPI engine
– Sentiment analysis & Anomaly detection

Data Source Agnostic

– Supports multiple data sources and formats
– Structured & Unstructured data – text, JSON & Image
– On prem & cloud support

No Code

– Inbuilt chatbot
– Designed for business users
– Out of the box integration with Snowflake

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