Snowflake Accelerator – Migrate

The journey of migrating to Snowflake is what every enterprise must enjoy and we make this happen. Right from providing high speed free connectors to intelligent massive parallel processing we have covered it all. Save countless number of hours in data quality and consistency using our in built data profiling. All of this made available from a simple Web 2.0 application deployed right within your infrastructure on-premise or on the cloud.


Whether your traditional data warehouse is on-premise or on the cloud – we support migrating it all!


– ​Just provide source connection & we manage it completely
– Optionally, take complete control for migrating specifics
– Extremely intuitive interface and super easy to use

High Speed

– Auto slice your source data by range or buckets
– Massive Parallel Processing improving orchestration by 8x
– Supports complete push down and efficient data ingestion

Inbuilt Intelligence

– Auto data type mapping and conversion (configurable)
– In built data profiling ensuring migration quality
– Auto correction for errors based on sensible fallbacks

Free Connectors

– RDBMS, NoSQL, Hadoop or API? we have covered it all
– Unified usage and resource management
– All available under the same license

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