Why Saama Analytics?

The challenge

Every enterprise has data and the need to innovate is constantly increasing. Existing platforms and systems have constrained storage and compute power (licensing, lock-in etc). It’s extremely difficult to scale or provision for infrastructure meeting varying workloads. Data silos and use of various stacks over a period of time further aggravate this problem. There are too many tools and technologies and it’s becoming increasing difficult to evaluate and narrow down on technology stack. Overall, enterprises are facing a magnitude of challenges swiftly & securely migrating to the cloud.

How Snowflake helps?

With infinite storage, on-demand scaling, multi-cluster for high concurrency, ability to derive analytics from petabyte (PB) scale warehouse using the power of SQL and an amazing partner ecosystem – Snowflake is becoming the defacto choice for modern cloud data warehouse.

Onboarding and Scaling

– Rapid onboarding with fully managed infrastructure
– No license or upfront costs and completely pay-as-you-go
– On demand infinite scaling for varying workloads


– Support for MPP & high concurrency
– Cross region replication with no network latency
– Structured & semi-structured data on one platform

Cloud, Security and Compliance

– Multilevel security with public, private and hybrid cloud
– Meets compliance requirements (GDPR, HIPAA, PCIDSS)
– Ease of usage, minimal DevOps & sensible defaults

Smart Data Management

– In-built data versioning, compression and encryption
– Data sharing across business units, partners and vendors
– Rapid data promotion ensuring QC across environments

Leverage Snowflake’s unique architecture for unlimited scalability & compelling performance

Built for the cloud to solve real world business challenges

Enhanced reporting with SQL queries that yield results 10x faster
Rapid onboarding of new Business Units/Geographies/Data Sources
Timely availability of reports & enterprise cubes across dimensions
Ability to explore structured and semi structured data using self serve
Rapidly derive business insights & KPIs

Case studies wrt. migrating to Snowflake

Migrating from traditional data warehouses to Snowflake using Lift and Shift, Replatforming or Refactoring – we have done it all!

Accelerators for Snowflake

Looking for a trusted technology partner in order to migrate to Snowflake? Our Snowflake Accelerators can help achieve this 60% faster!


Optimize your Snowflake cloud data warehouse usage


Swiftly migrate your traditional warehouse to the modern cloud

Virtual Cubes

Generate & refresh cross functional enterprise cubes at massive scale


Derive insights on the fly using our plug-n-play ML/AL library

Interested in a live demo of our Snowflake accelerators?

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