Quality plays a major role in delivering superior user experience. The mandate of faster time to market sometimes compromises the quality and results in a poor customer experience, revenue loss and most importantly the brand promise, which can cause irreversible damage to any organization.

‘Quality Engineering’ is all about ‘Engineering the Quality’ throughout the software development process. We at Saama Analytics, believe in it and practice end to end continuous testing to enable agile and DevOps initiatives for the enterprise. Our Quality Engineering Services equip the businesses to prepare for the future and align quality needs with organizational goals. Our teams have built several solution accelerators and open source frameworks to achieve the dual mandate of Quality at Speed for digital transformation.

Continuous Testing in DevOps

Build and integrate test automation scripts within the DevOps CI-CD pipeline for immediate feedback. Set up test labs with various configurations of browsers, operating systems and devices to run load balanced test scripts for increased execution speed and better quality.

Cognitive and Intelligent Automation

Conduct impact based targeted testing, test only what is required to test by applying intelligent selection of test scripts. Utilize RPA for Robotic and Cognitive test automation with simple and repeatable configurations.

Data & Analytics Testing

Validation of all structured and unstructured data with focus on achieving superior data quality and advanced analytics testing. Our RPA based report testing can reduce costs by up to 30% and improve time to market by 20% through our Data Test Framework

Application and Product Testing

Application functionality and packaged product testing, in sprint feature testing, integration, regression and end to end testing with effective test processes to accelerate test cycles.

Performance and Application Security Testing

Analyze application speed, scalability and stability through performance testing using cloud based tool chains. Uncover system vulnerabilities to ensure data and resources are protected from threats. Integrate performance & security tests in the CI/CD pipeline.

Cloud Assurance

Migrate your applications to cloud with an assurance that system scalability, performance, security privileges and functional flow will remain intact.

Business Process Assurance

Compliment user experience testing (UAT) through life cycle – day in a life test scenarios.

Test Data Management

Self-service test data management, data virtualization, masking and sub setting to test with production data for uncovering costly defects prior to go live.

Service Virtualization

Virtualize services and components to shift left the Continuous Testing in a DevOps world. Remove the bottleneck of unavailability of the services in development and test phases.

Quality Engineering Maturity Assessment

Assess the Quality Engineering organization maturity with respect to people, process and tools. Benchmark against the industry best practices and recommend a transformation road map to create the best in class QE function that is effective, efficient and innovating.

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