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Securing critical data, meeting regulatory requirements, and improving operational efficiencies are top priority for government agencies. Our digital and modern analytics platform can help the government agencies accelerate strategic data capture, integration and advanced analytics initiatives. Our public sector solutions are based upon core, heuristic-matching technology for accelerating the data discovery and mapping process. We use a proven, repeatable process to perform data capture, conversion or create operational data feeds that build data warehouses used for advanced business analytics. This repeatability helps ensure that integration tasks can be completed more quickly and within tight government budgets.

Power Up and Streamline Your Operational Workflow

Application Development

Developing and implementing customized public sector agency application to manage data, validations and data workflow.

Legacy Systems Data Integration

Proven track record of helping public sector agencies with their most complex data conversion and integration challenges.

Strategic Consulting

Best practices for the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM). NIEM is a federal data standard used for inter-agency information sharing and needs to be a consideration in new applications.

Implementation of National Data Exchange (N-DEx) Data Submission Processes

Solutions that are capable of harmonizing, cleansing, and uploading required data to allow Law Enforcement/Public Safety organizations to participate in the FBI N-DEx program.

Implementation of National Incident-based Reporting System (NIBRS)

The FBI requires all Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to begin reporting NIBRS data by January 2021. Our Report Submission Service allows LEAs to upload NIBRS submission files from their current RMS vendor or complete manual entry of data required. Incident validation and submission of the data to both State and FBI are available within Saama’s solution.

Our Report Submission Service is capable of incorporating your reporting needs. The solution allows data entry and submission of N-DEx, NIBRS, and Use of Force, using the federal guideline requirements. Specific data collected by individual states can be incorporated into our solution. States that require separate forms of domestic and sexual violence can be formatted to collect and report the specific data requirements.

Purpose-Built for Reporting and Submission Processes

  • NIBRS Certification Process – Our SMEs to work with Law Enforcement Agencies to verify NIBRS Certification
  • Agencies to verify NIBRS Certification
  • User-defined Dashboards to View Statistical Data-at-a-Glance
  • Statistical Reports Created Using Modern, Easy-to-Use tools based on Specific and Selected Criteria
  • Downloadable, Statistical Reports to Share with the Public on your Agency Website
  • Automated Process to Submit Data to FBI and/or State submission service

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