Customer Analytics Powered
by Insurance C360

Saama Analytics brings together advanced AI capabilities and decades of insurance industry expertise to offer a data analytics solution capable of solving business problems like churn, claims fraud, underwriting profitability, and many others using data science.

Allows insurers to predict information security events and threats

Recommends steps and actions to that may prevent threats and these events

Information Security Analytics for Insurers

Offers expert data and analytics operations, enabled by domain expertise, DataOps, and ITIL framework under the accountability and ownership model

Better cost control, improved risk management, and the highest level of SLA Adherence and operational efficiencies guaranteed by the 24/7 managed services model

Managed Services Models for Data and Analytics

Helps reduce costs and accelerate time-to-market for products

Implementable with minimum disruptions, the solution is operational in just over six months

Insurance Modern Analytics Platform (iMAP)

Enables descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive data analytics to gain actionable business insights

Focused and faster results with insurance domain-specific algorithms and models

Advanced Analytics for Insurance

Generates customer profiles and estimate
customer buying propensity

Improves cross-selling, up-selling, and
customer retention efforts

Customer Analytics Powered by
Insurance C360

Insurance Focused Cognitive RPA

Brings intelligence to information-intensive insurance processes using cognitive automation in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing

Enables analytics powered by RPA throughout the insurance lifecycle


Key Benefits

AI-powered data analytics:

  • Provides a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and their buying patterns
  • Flags indication of a possible dissatisfaction which may lead to switching insurers
  • Offers business insights to give a competitive edge leading to deeper market penetration
  • Enables higher levels of privacy, security, and regulatory compliance allowing the insurers to induce a sense of trustworthiness among their consumers

Customer 360

Without a window into the customers’ minds, it is difficult to gauge their expectation and pain points accurately. Insurance carriers are always looking to gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs for decades and have invested innumerable hours and funds in Customer 360 implementations.

Customer 360 involves keeping all the information about your customers in one place, including policy details, a record of their interactions, claims history, billing information, demographic data, and a list of preferences and potential requirements. However, creating this data goldmine is easier said than done as migrating existing data to a new platform is a massive and expensive undertaking.