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Cutting-edge Digital Transformation Solutions Tailored for Your Industry

Harness the true potential of digital transformation to achieve better process efficiencies and drive business growth at speed


Cutting-edge Digital Transformation Solutions Tailored for Your Industry

Keep your business running with the right managed services. We help Tech companies transform end-to-end process using tech-enabled solutions powered by cognitive automation and deep domain expertise.

Things to Think Through in 2021 & Beyond in Modern Data Analytics

Here are the top 5 constructs and approaches to consider in 2021. Read on to take advantage of ML, DataOps, and metadata-driven agility approach in response to changing business demands and ultimately better business outcomes.


Saama Analytics helps you deliver high performance to business functions, develop and manage business transformations, and sustain business growth with adaptable technology. When your lines of business are happy, you automatically gain a competitive advantage in your market space. Let us help you make that happen by leveraging our domain-specific digital modern data engineering expertise.

Why Choose Saama Analytics

Leverage ML without
investing in technical

Use insights from data
to test ideas at a low

Give an Edge to Your
Business and Stay

Business Growth


Faster Go-to-market


Access to Modern

Go from idea to
deployment quickly
and save time, money,
and effort

Keep tuning the
platform to your needs
by using tech
accelerators with very
low code

Business Growth

Give an Edge to Your Business and Stay Competitive

Access to Modern Technology

Leverage ML without investing in technical expertise

Data-driven Insights

Use insights from data to test ideas at a low cost

Customized Solution

Keep tuning the platform to your needs by using tech accelerators with very low code

Faster Go-to-market Process

Go from idea to deployment quickly and save time, money, and effort

Modern Data Platform:

Process Automation:

AI/ML Expertise

Fast and reliable data insights that impact business decisions. Our data platform is built with a
technology stack that factors business requirements every step of the way. You get access to
insights in real-time contextualized to your business requirements.

Saves time and frees up valuable resources for meaningful output. Make the most of your
resources by giving them technology that eliminates redundant processes and makes them
more efficient and error-free.

Artificial Intelligence that solves your specific challenges. Our expertise in AI/ML technologies
comes from diving deep into domain-specific issues and tailoring the technology to solve them.


Business Growth and Increased Market Share:

Increased Operational Performance Due to Domain-Specific Expertise:

Flexible Framework with Scalable Technology:

Keeps you ahead in the game and relevant in the market. Using the most advanced
technologies, your data, processes, and strategies boost the arm in terms of efficiency and accuracy.
Fewer mistakes and managed deadlines lead to happier, loyal customers.

Your industry is unique, and so are its challenges. Our applications make an impact from day one
as they are pre-trained on your domain data. Your business operations become more streamlined,
making it easier to track KPIs and manage potential problems down the line.

Flexible, Agile, Elastic. Exactly what you want your technology to be. Scale up and down your
businsess operations as per market requirements without losing your edge or investment.


Future-proof Framework:

Digital Data Engineering:

Faster Application of Domain Expertise:

Technology that evolves is the technology that stays. Our framework is designed to withstand
the demands of a competitive and fast-changing market space. It is adaptable to
new capabilities that are emerging all the time without losing time in update protocols.

Enterprise data needs technology that's rooted in sound principles. We have developed
accelerators and applications that translate our domain expertise into functioning technology.

Digital strategy that does not take forever to deploy. We come in with 40% pre-built
components tailored for your industry and customize the remaining solution as per your
specific needs. You are ready to change the market space in weeks, not months.


Saama Analytics Centre Of Excellence

Managing and analyzing data is in our DNA. We are deeply passionate about all things data and are uniquely positioned to deliver excellence in everything that is data-driven and technology-powered.


A set of capabilities and tools built into our platform that allows business users to easily operate the platform and use the AI/ML stack


Domain-driven applications that can be used as building blocks to develop and execute business strategies


Specifically developed and highly configurable tech components that help you design and manage your digital transformation

saama accelerators

Highly configurable data source connectors with 100+ pre-configured components

300+ pre-configured and reusable rule repository

Advanced heuristic matching capabilities ensure that algorithms become better at
identifying and executing patterns with an increasing business us


Metadata driven business rules and data quality rules to ensure the best implementation of data insights

Domain-trained algorithms that understand the context of a business query in terms of
intent, entity, relationships, and sentiments, and answer in natural language

Constant optimization of business processes to solve specific problems within stipulated
parameters like resource and time constraints

Domain-specific and Contextual Solutions

Ability for business and non-ML users to run the most popular ML algorithms using
AutoML and make them operational along with human-with-in-the-loop capabilities

Strategy testing made possible for business users to run scenarios and assess all aspects
before executing a strategy on a wider level

Domain-specific AI assistant with capabilities to explain the key reasons for "machine's
recommendations" for business users to interact with data

Technology Designed for Business Users

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