AI Helps To Create An
Optimized Promotion Plan

Consumer Product Goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers are facing the challenge of staying relevant in an incredibly competitive market. With price points being the driving force behind buying decisions of consumers, the CPG market needs to reorient and focus its trade promotion efforts.

How It Works

  • Leverages all existing data across all Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Trade Promotion Management (TPM) systems
  • Harmonizes all data sets and aligns shipment, consumption, and promotional information
  • Delivers insights quickly and accurately and saves time, money, and resources
  • Offers quick implementation with minimally-invasive deployment

Trade Promotion Solution Areas

Track Your ROI

With Saama Analytics, you get a dashboard that allows you to access trade promotions analysis in real-time. You can:

  • Track the performance of any promotion and compare it with forecasts to restructure funding allocations as needed
  • Drill down to the account, category, brand, and the promoted product’s group level to get a better grip on strategy and execution
  • Keep track of various types of trade spending, such as off-invoice, bill-back, scan, and lump sum
  • Shift promotion strategy on the fly depending on the promotion performance

With time, the solution’s machine learning capabilities become more efficient in understanding your needs and optimizing your promotion dollars.

Forecast Your ROI

To determine which trade promotion event will deliver the maximum value, Saama Cloud Analytics’ AI-powered solution takes into account every aspect of trade promotions – customer behavior, product’s past performance, competition’s strategy, brand awareness effort, weather, local trends, and most important, ways to increase revenue.

You get real and actionable insight into:

  • Consumer behavior and buying preference as per demography and geography
  • Product categories that work, including ideal base-price and promotion pricing
  • Impact of promotions by competitive brands
  • Risk and inventory management

With these insights you can:

  • Forecast the outcome of any promotion on the basis of numerous parameters
  • Derive the everyday low price (EDLP)
  • Measure trade promotion effectiveness
  • Execute warehouse optimization processes

With the advanced AI-capabilities and the ‘virtual voice assistant’ feature, you can use ask questions in natural language to get further explanation about the insights drawn by the solution. There would be no need to input queries to understand the complex calculations.

The AI/ML capabilities of the Saama Cloud Analytics solution allow you not just to identify the challenges, but also find a solution. By ingesting data sets across Information Resources Inc. (IRI) and Nielsen at the account, week, and SKU level, it can dive deep into pattern recognition to offer you ways to optimize your entire promotion process, along with inventory management.

Saama Cloud Analytics solution can combine shelf set changes with price zones, clusters, and even store format to give you an edge in this competitive landscape. You get the ability to:

  • Optimize prices – base vs. promotional
  • Analyze and optimize your supply chain to reduce waste and increase sustainability
  • Perform geo-analytics by including and excluding as many or as little factors as you want

Categorize the lowest performing
promotions and apply its patterns
to identify future potential
low-performing promotions

Identify high ROI products and
analyze the most successful
trade promotions to replicate
its success

Identify the most effective base-price
and promoted-price
volumes and profits

Run complimentary promotions
parallel with successful initiatives

Redistribute and streamline trade
funds to stay aligned with
strategic business initiatives

Create the right strategy for trade
promotions with insights drawn
from your sales data

Focus the trade promotion expenditure
of goods that may be trend
or season sensitive

SaamaAnalytics can perform
various essential trade
promotion activities
more efficiently