AWS , Azure, GCP or Multi-cloud?

Public, Private or Hybrid?

Struggling to figure out what’s the best option for you?

Customized cloud-first Strategy

Spend Exceeding Budgets & Leaking Money?

Missing desired performance or scalability?

Optimize your Cloud Spend and performance now

Total Cloud Spend Optimization

Struggling with managing your cloud infra and services?

Not sure if your data is processed accurately?

Are your jobs failing or running behind schedule?

Managed Cloud Services

Worried about data loss, privacy or breaches of confidentiality?

Overwhelmed with compliance, security & governance?

Implement policy-based behavioral monitoring to encourage positive security process and hygeine

Accelerated Cloud Migration

Struggling with migrating your data & apps to the Cloud?

Lack of migration tools? Slow migration? Downtime?

Lift & Shift or Cloud-Native or Refactoring?

Efficiently migrate your data & applications to the cloud.

Your Cloud Secured. Your Way

With a plethora of options available, adopting cloud can be overwhelming for any enterprise.  At Saama Analytics, our team of passionate experts, start with understanding your existing technology landscape and help you create a customized adoption plan after considering even the most minuscule of details. Coupled with our industry expertise and our pre-built set of accelerators we make sure that you complete your migration or adoption in days and weeks instead of months and years.

Customized Cloud Strategy

Let our team accelerate your cloud adoption journey by employing a customized, risk mitigated cloud strategy that considers multiple deployment options and ensures minimal downtime. Our experts with rich domain knowledge help you extract maximum value by creating a platform-agnostic strategy and bringing together applications, infrastructure, and security.

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Customized cloud-first strategy assessment & recommendation
  • Partner platform alignment and execution for public, hybrid and private clouds
  • Tiered security architecture development
  • End to end approaches for performance, scalability, resiliency, security

Cloud Spend Optimization

Saama Analytics lets you quickly optimize your cloud spend by leveraging pre-built accelerators. Fast, near time analytics, helps in predicting runaway expenditure and implementing effective budget controls allowing you to achieve ultimate cloud performance.

  • Insights and analytics based cost of ownership optimization using pre-built accelerator
  • Calculate the cost of your cloud environment based on your server, load balancer, database, bandwidth and service level need
  • Reduce cloud spend and increase efficiency by infrastructure outsourcing
  • Dedicated resource to ensure real time vigilance and governance on cloud spends
  • Business layer on top of cloud assets and services for improved outcomes

Managed Cloud Services

Achieve highly scalable solutions with no upfront costs and rapid commercialization while ensuring more uptime, noise-free analytics and insights, and consistent customer experience. Our experts work round the clock to support your cloud environment ensuring that your systems are up and running even when you are not.

  • Dedicated, Managed infrastructure on the cloud covering VPS, HA & DC /DR
  • 24X7 monitoring, alerts, patch and updates
  • Reporting and performance analysis
  • Automated tool sets to make complex processes fast, easy and secure.
  • Faster App deployment via design considerations for continuous automation
  • Generate maximum value using AI/ML based automation

Really Fast Cloud Migration

Do not let the lack of developers, administrators, and cloud & big data architects affect your migration. Instead, turn to our certified engineers, who can guide you through the entire digital transformation lifecycle — from planning, architecture, and development, to support and operation of the entire ecosystem.

  • Custom strategies aligned to leading platforms
  • Develop a migration execution plan for public, hybrid or private clouds
  • Integrate multiple cloud provider environments and tech components
  • Migration strategy around your applications, databases, storage, physical and virtual servers
  • Choose between Lean and Shift, Refactoring or native cloud development
  • Implement protection and disaster recovery planning services

Your Cloud Secured. Your Way!

With cyber criminals discovering new tools and ways to infiltrate your business, security has become a hygiene factor for any organization. Our pool of security professionals and certified project management specialists let you apply the latest in security and governance for your cloud.

  • End to end approaches for performance, scalability, resiliency, security
  • Risk management and security component policy orchestration and design
  • Tiered security approach between platforms, services, third party apps, and SaaS
  • Automation to enable near real time compliance

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